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Soya Field Day in Makowisko (Poland) arranged by BIOSOYCOAT
Already for 3 consecutive years Makowisko is accepting scientists, journalists, farmers, seed companies representatives and simple individuals interested in soya cultivation. For one significant day everybody’s attention is focused on innovations in the field of plant breeding and biotechnology. On the 5th of September in the framework of BIOSTRATEG funding program, BIOSOYCOAT project consortium updated on the tasks implementation progress and project results so far. Speakers from the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres (Project Leader), NBCRS AgeSoya, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation and University of Rzeszow provided information on project achievements and replied audience’s questions. CEO of AgeSoya, Ruslan Monich, explained the company’s new concept and demonstrated plant samples of new generation lines. Standard varieties seeds of which had been preliminarily coated in the biopolymer as much as new generation varieties were available in the field. The event ended with Q&A session, lunch and lottery on free seeds from our partner.  






First Field Presentation in Janow Lubelski (Poland)
On the 29th of August, AgeSoya arranged its annual Field Day but this time it was completely something different. For the first time wide audience got a unique chance to check the potential of new generation soybean varieties and lines in real field conditions. Apart from this, the following speakers took part in the presentations session: 1. CEO of AgeSoya, Ruslan Monich, presented innovative soybean lines belonging to own breeding and divulged a new company’s strategy: from now on, everyone can become an owner of soybean varieties by simply buying registered varieties through our Online-Auction or choose lines / order cross-combinations  and apply them for official trials possessing 50% of PVR; 2. Director of Business Development in AgeSoya, Magdalena Skorka, presented results on BIOSOYCOAT project implemented in the framework of BIOSTRATEG funding program; 3. Export Area Manager in Stoller Europe, Carlos Monferrer, narrated about the company's inoculation products.







III International Legume Society Conference ILS 3 2019
On 21-24th of May, our company participated in the III International Legume Society Conference ILS 3 that took place in the marvelous Polish city Poznan with the considerable support  of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. During 4 days, scientists, researchers, professors, PhD students, businessmen and analytics discussed main problems, potential solutions, benefits, tendencies and forecasts of the legume society prosperity. The meeting was inspiring, informative and fruitful for all the people working within diverse legume specializations. During the General ILS Assembly the Executive Board was elected for 2019-2022. The massive and significant for the world legume market development event gathered 183 of participants from 38 countries of 5 continents. Altogether 57 oral presentations and 146 posters were contributed. Along with project partners, company presented a brief on the BIOSOYCOAT project implementation within the framework of BIOSTRATEG funding program.






V International Business Forum in Saint Petersburg

Representatives of our company visited the V International Business Forum “World Soy”, which took place in St. Petersburg on May 22-23, 2019. This event was the occasion for a meeting of more than 200 participants from Russia and countries of the near and far abroad. Our Business Development Manager prepared a report on the main trends of soya cultivation in the Russian Federation, contribution of our company to the development of the soybean market in general, and main achievements and areas of current scientific-research activities. In addition, the major aspects of the national project implementation were highlighted, as well as the development of innovative solutions for raising seed germination and ensuring the maximum potential of new generation soybean varieties with a planned launching on the international market in 2020 was announced. The schedule of open demonstration events in Poland for this year has been presented to wide audience, which will provide an opportunity to evaluate our innovations in the operational environment.






Respect is finally in the EU

On the 26th of April 2019, the general director of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection issued a positive decision on the inclusion of our new generation soybean variety Respect to the National List of Plants of Slovenia. The variety belongs to 0 maturity group (from medium to late) and it completes our collection of the new high-yield generation cultivars allowing to receive potential yield of over 7 t/ha in optimal cultivation conditions with imperative use of precision seeding and local application of fertilizers. In order to ensure such a high yield potential, Respect seeds pass specially elaborated unique preparation system INTEQ with further coating into biopolymer that protects seed material from adverse weather conditions. The purchase of seeds is possible for 2020 season by preliminary orders. Feel free to make your order NOW!






New variety in Lithuanian and EU List of Plants

Our team is happy to announce that the AgeSoya’s range of soybean varieties has gotten  enriched with a brand new cultivar with a beautiful name Viscount that got included in the Lithuanian List of Plants on the 27th of February 2019 by the decision of the Director of the State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania. Viscount is high protein (41-44%) resistant to drought variety. It belongs to the early maturity group (000) requiring 2000-2200 degrees of CHU. The variety has yellow seeds with brown hilum and it is suitable for the food industry particularly. Viscount is rather flexible, adaptive to changeable weather conditions and easy variety for cultivation. From now on, the seeds of Viscount are available on the market and can be purchased only from our official distributors. Hurry up to try great benefits of our new cultivar!



Variety in property or license?
YES, now it is possible!

We offer all leading players in the agricultural market an opportunity to become the owner of soybean varieties belonging to different maturity groups and undergo professional training from the breeder or use the outsourcing option for renewing and maintaining varieties. Get additional economic benefits while selling seeds of your own varieties!

You are welcome to visit our breeding fields at any convenient time till September, 30 and choose the most appropriate offer:

Offer №1.
  • Order cross-breeding combinations and we will create a unique lines for you matching bespoken parameters;
  • Transfer soya lines to state variety testing together with the breeder according to ownership scheme 50/50%;
  • After successful variety registration, pay only 50% of license fees for the variety use, receive 50% of license payments from all licensees or redeem remaining 50% of property right from the breeder.
Offer №2.
  • Choose stable ready-to-register soybean lines from a competitive nursery at the field or follow our recommendations on the most promising lines suitable for your region;
  • Together with the breeder, transfer the received stable lines to the state variety testing following the IPR scheme 50/50% from the Offer №1.
Offer №3.
  • Participate in Online Auction of business assets ownership on soybean varieties in November, 2019;
  • Monitor further details at www.agesoya.com starting from October 15, 2019.
Offer №4.
Obtain exclusive / non-exclusive license on the use of our registered varieties in your country.
For every offer, you are welcome to visit our First Field Presentations in Poland on:

5th of September 2019 – Podkarpackie voivodship
* Each offer includes professional training on primary seeding during 3 years arranged by the breeder.
Contact us to arrange a meeting!
+48 602 764 767 (Viber/WhatsApp) r.monich@agesoya.com
+48 602 764 767 (Viber/WhatsApp)

Сорта в собственность или по лицензии?
Теперь это возможно!

Мы предлагаем ведущим игрокам аграрного рынка стать собственником сортов сои разных групп спелости, а также пройти профессиональное обучение от селекционера либо воспользоваться опцией аутсорсинга по вопросам обновления и поддержания сорта. Получайте дополнительную выгоду при продаже семян собственных сортов!

Приглашаем посетить наши селекционные поля в любое время до 30 сентября и выбрать одно из следующих предложений:

Предложение №1.
  • Закажите комбинации скрещивания, и мы создадим специально для Вас уникальные линии сои, соответствующие заранее заданным параметрам;
  • Передайте линии на государственное сортоиспытание совместно с селекционером по схеме 50 на 50% права собственности;
  • После регистрации сорта, оплачивайте только 50% лицензионных платежей за использование сорта, получайте 50% лицензионных оплат от всех лицензиатов либо выкупите оставшиеся 50% собственности на сорт от селекционера.
Предложение №2.
  • Выберите самостоятельно стабильные линии сои из конкурсного питомника либо воспользуйтесь нашими рекомендациями по линиям, наиболее подходящим вашему региону, и совместно с селекционером передайте их на государственное сортоиспытание, сдедуя схеме из Предложения №1.
Предложение №3.
  • Участвуйте в Онлайн-Аукционе прав собственности на сорта сои в ноябре 2019 г.;
  • Подробности смотрите на сайте www.agesoya.com c 15 октября 2019.
Предложение №4.
Приобретайте исключительную/неисключительную лицензию на использование наших зарегистрированных сортов.
Посетите нашу Первую Полевую Презентацию, которая пройдет в Польше

5го сентября 2019 в Подкарпадском воеводстве.
* Каждое предложение включает в себя профессиональную 3-х летнюю поддержку по первичному семеноводству от селекционера.
Свяжитесь с нами для огранизации встречи!
+48 602 764 767 (Viber/WhatsApp) r.monich@agesoya.com
+48 602 764 767 (Viber/WhatsApp)